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Below are just three of Jo Kneale’s highly entertaining and informative books about Hygge
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HAPPIER: How using Hygge, Lagom and my own common sense helped me to find a happier life

HOW TO HYGGE YOUR SUMMER: (How to Have a Fun and Hyggely Time All Year Round)

COSY HAPPY HYGGE Using Routines, Rhythms and Rituals to Build a Better Life

The book that started it all:
THE LITTLE BOOK OF HYGGE: The Danish Way to Live Well: Meik Wiking

Hygge lifestyle
We are revisiting hygge in this video. Now that the ‘trend’ of hygge has calmed down a little, we can see that it is much more than candles and comfy socks! Hygge is a lifestyle that can help to increase happiness and contentment. In this video I introduce the ‘Hygge Queen’ a Hygge expert who gets to the heart of matter telling us how to winter hygge but also how to summer hygge and that you can hygge alone. The hygge lifestyle is about candles and throws and making a hygge home but it is also about contentment and giving yourself time to consider your own needs.
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