What is the loneliest age

In 2018 Manchester university carried out a nationwide study and  discovered that those who suffer most often and more intensely are the age group 16-24

Loneliness over 50

However, according to a report by  Age UK at the same time,loneliness in the over 50’s is a looming health concern.  And this was before the isolation of the Covid 19 lockdowns.

Effects of loneliness 

We need to do something about it. Prolonged feelings of loneliness and isolation can cause serious medical conditions putting people at more risk than obesity and smoking and, including greater risk of dementia.

If you often feel lonely taking action on some or all of my daily dozen will help you.

The Loneliness epidemic

Dealing with loneliness in middle age is imperative. Look at the list below to see if any of the ideas appeal to you. I hope they do.  You can also watch the video, ‘the loneliness epidemic’ where I explain each of the suggestions. I will also leave the link below.

Dealing with loneliness

1. Set yourself daily goals.  Things to achieve by the end of the day.

2. Dig for pleasure.  Find little things that give you pleasure

           Moments of pleasure, small and often are what get you through the day. (Christine L Conroy)

3. Decide to travel to a different part of the world. This is something you can watch on You-tube.

4. Be sure to get outside every day.   You need to get out of your home at least once a day.

5. Get out into nature. We know the physical and mental health benefits of this.

6. Journal. Expressing your feelings down on paper, immediately helps to keep things in perspective.

7. Volunteer – to make a phone calls to others who are lonely.  A great way to meet others.

8. zoom or Facetime. Connect with friends and family however you can (learn how to do it on You-tube if you don’t know how)

9. Join a Facebook group.  A great way to meet like-minded people.

10.Find an online book club. Some actually meet on Zoom

11. Look for the good. Keep your attitude by positive by looking for the good and taking the focus away from the negative.

12. Keep your gratitude journal every day.  Remind yourself that there is always something to be grateful for.


I hope that helps.


If you are distressed by your feelings of loneliness and feel you are beyond helping yourself –   you must speak to your doctor.  There is no shame in feeling lonely – even before lockdowns over nine million people in the UK expressed feelings of loneliness and a quarter of all people over the age of 50 also reported feeling lonely.   In the U.S a survey revealed that three out of five Americans feel lonely.


You must speak with your doctor who can put you in touch with community resources to help you.

Both the UK and the US governments recognize the ‘loneliness epidemic’ and are putting strategies in place to help.    There are a plethora of organizations out there to help you wherever you live. There will be one to suit you.  Please avail yourself of their services.


In the UK you can contact,  Covid 19 mutual aid.    COVID 19 MUTUAL AID    These are groups of local residents set up to help – orrr you could volunteer to help them.

Age UK       age uk 

The Campaign to End Loneliness – this website has great information for everyone   CAMPAIGN TO END LONELINESS

And, in the US you have Little Brothers friends of the elderly   LITTLE BROTHERS FRIENDS OF THE ELDERLY                                                                                                                                                                     And many more I am sure.

If you have experienced feeling lonely please tell us in the comments box below so that others may see they are not alone.  Helpful suggestions also welcome.