WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU SEE WHEN YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? It really makes a difference to the rest of your day!

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Come to your senses – to start your day
How to start your day. The best way to start your day. Your environment plays a huge role in the way you feel. You need to kickstart your day the best way. In this video we talk about how your environment affects the way you feel. Environmental psychology is a relatively new science but we know that our surroundings make a difference to feeling positive or negative. Start your day right and your whole day has a much better chance of being positive and successful for you. Not only that – the ripple affect of starting your day in a good mood will help all those around you too. Using colour psychology, cheerful design and your senses to create a pleasing environment is easy to do. Come to your senses – all five senses if you can to have a happy morning and a positive day.
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