Sagging jowls? Droopy eyelids? Sunken cheeks? Turkey neck? You don’t need a facelift you need facial yoga and just ten minutes a day will help with all of the above. I demonstrate how in this video.

Eva Fraser’s Facial workout (the original and the best) Be sure to check it out.
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You-tube video
FACE YOGA WORKOUT from Fifty plus Beauty

This is the facial exercise routine that Beth does to firm her face at 62 – with before and after shots – and you can follow along with the routine.

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Facial yoga: yoga for the face
Do you suffer from sagging jowls? Droopy eyelids? Sunken cheeks? Suffer no more. Facial yoga – yes, yoga for the face can help you with all of these things. In this video which is part of the women over 50 skincare series I demonstrate my favourite most effective facial yoga exercises. Does face yoga work? Yes it does. Not just from my own experience but I talk about Eva Fraser and Beth from fifty plus beauty who both look amazing from the practice.

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Abestudio box lights

Neewer ring light (diva light)

Canon 700D Camera

Rode Microphone

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