Belief systems (understanding your belief systems)
Your core beliefs affect your thoughts, behaviours and actions in all areas of your life- understanding them is a key to positive change

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FOR LOUNGING in comfort during lockdown: (mentioned in video)
Pale grey Cashmere poncho
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—–Book and series mentioned in ‘Coffee with Chrissie’—–

THE EVENING AND THE MORNING BY KEN FOLLETT – set in England at the dawn of a new era: the Middle Ages

BILLIONS TV series (Now TV or Amazon)
The series tells the story of hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis), as he accumulates wealth and power in the world of high finance.

THE 100 TV series (Now TV or Amazon)
A series based on the novel of the same name by Kass Morgan. A post-apocalyptic science fiction drama – worth giving it a go even if you don’t usually enjoy sci fi.

Belief systems (understanding your belief systems)
What are your belief systems? Why are belief systems important? Where do they come from? Understanding your belief systems is important because belief systems or your core beliefs are what drive your thoughts, behaviours and actions. If your belief systems are based on shaky foundations they could be negatively affecting your relationships, your career and your life.
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