*****BREAKING NEWS***** Just as this video was published – reported in the Guardian…
“Vitamin d has moved a step closer to being used as a potential way to prevent and treat coronavirus after Matt Hancock asked government health advisors to produce new guidelines on its use. Yayy!!”

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DO YOU HAVE ACHING BONES AND MUSCLES – LACK OF ENERGY- HAIR LOSS? You could just be defficient in Vitamin d.

Vitamin d (vitamin d important update)
More on vitamin d. I have talked about vitamin d benefits. But – since my last video I have learned more! If you want to boost your vitamin d or increase it’s efficiency there are things you need to do. In this video I talk about the importance of vitamin K, vitamin A and magnesium. You can take these as supplements but I also offer ideas for foods high in vitamin K – foods containing vitamin A and magnesium rich foods. You probably already include many of these foods in your diet – but it is worth taking a look. I also have a little chat about Manuka honey AND watch to the end for a real treat in helping you to sleep better.