We tend to think that if we are to achieve personal growth, we need to put all our attention on trying to eradicate our weaknesses.  This is not surprising.  Whilst growing up, many of us are made all to aware of our personal weaknesses and encouraged to ‘work’ on them.    This is part of what leads us to being s quick to negatively judge ourselves. In addition, our brains are wired toward the negative.

Think about the last time you were paid a compliment.  Did you dismiss it?  Brush it off as though it were nothing?   The first step towards personal growth is self-awareness.  And, that means also being aware of the positive not, always and only, the negative

Studies have shown that those people who develop their strengths as opposed to those who continue to try to shore up weaknesses are far more successful.  By learning to play to your strengths you will: be more confident, increase your self-esteem, be more likely to achieve your goals, increase your happiness levels – the list goes on.

So, instead of focusing only on your weaknesses and what is wrong with you, let’s look at what is right with you and discover your strengths.   Find out how with us at Happy Stuff and fluff.  Click below to watch the video.

Why Strengths?