Most people spend more time planning a week’s holiday than they do their future!


Easter, a time in the Christian calendar where we remember that Jesus died on the cross for us and celebrate that He is risen.

It is a time of rebirth.  New life.  New beginnings.

Rather than the new year, this is the time I think about how I want to ‘Spring forward’.

This is when I revise my goals and set new ones.

Covid has been a nightmare for many and thrown a spanner in the works somehow for all of us. Even though there are bound to be setbacks along the way we are beginning to come out of it. There is hope.

We can see glimpses of ‘normality’.


its time to create your new normal.  Answer each of these questions and for each one, don’t stop writing until you cannot write anymore.  Dig deep.

  1. How has your Covid experience changed you?

  2. What have learned about yourself? 

  3. What have you learned about others? 

  4. How can you take that knowledge and use it to help you to move forward; to move forward with new ideas about what you want your future to look like?

  5. What changes can you make that will make your new life better than before?

  6. How can you create a new beginning somewhere in your life?


Sorry, lots of questions there but give yourself the time to think about your answers. YOU DESERVE A BETTER FUTURE  Until you understand what a better future means for you – you cannot create it.

You decide on what change you want to make and make it.  Not so easy – change can be difficult but without change you will stop growing and when you stop growing you wither and rot.

You will encounter setbacks along the way – if not Covid, something else.  There is always something else.

Take a tip from the Stoic philosophers who believed that when something was going wrong in their lives it was the gods testing them.  It was just a test.  A challenge to find a work around to solve the issue.  It is much easier and less stressful to deal with setbacks in this way.

You need to be steadfast about what you want, but flexible about how and when you get it.

There has never been a better time for re-growth, re-birth, new beginnings, new life.

Easter/Spring is a time of hope.  Hope for the future – your future.  What do you want your future to look like?  If you started to read this by email you can reply to the email and tell me.  Or you can leave a comment below I would love hear your thoughts.