Part 1 High levels of resilience will help you to increase your happiness. WATCH THIS NEXT – Authentic happiness

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My own book on the subject of dealing with adversities and making positive outcomes of negative experiences:
***STITCH YOUR OWN SILVER LININGS: A breakthrough guide to helping yourself to happiness – no matter what. (Christine L Conroy)

Resilience meaning video content
00:00 introduction
01:09 What’s keeping you awake at night
01:41 Building resilience muscle
02:13 What is resilience
02:49 Bouncing back?????
04:29 Resilience meaning
05:30 Stitch your own Silver Linings
07:36 Ultimate resilience definition
08:37 Collective and personal adversity
10:19 The good news
11:04 POWERFUL resilience building exercise

Resilience meaning (confidently cope when things go wrong)
If you can confidently cope when things go wrong you will be more successful at work, in relationships, in business, as a leader, as a person AND you will be a much happier person. Answering the question ‘What is resilience?’ is, of course, more complicated than ‘coping when things go wrong,’ but it is a start. We are often resilient in some instances but lose resilience in others. There is mental resilience and emotional resilience – what is the difference between those who are resilient and those who are not? Can resilience training help to build resilience skills? Yes! You can cultivate resilience. Positive psychology gives strategies for building resilience
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