EXCELLENT NEWS for all of us but especially for women over 55. Can autoimmune disease be prevented? How can autoimmune disease be prevented naturally? What is autoimmune disease.

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****VITAL randomized controlled trial BMJ 2022;376:e066452
Vitamin D and marine omega 3 fatty acid supplementation and incident autoimmune disease:

If you want to know more about the VITAL study, both of the videos below go into more details.
Vitamin D reduces autoimmune disease
@Dr. John Campbell

Vitamin D reduces autoimmune diseases: New research
@MedCram – Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY

How to prevent autoimmune disease
I have talked constantly about Vitamin d on this channel. Especially how most of us are deficient in it and all of the problems that causes. We talked about evidence that taking vitamin D helped prevent Covid 19 and eased the illness when someone contracted it. Its connection to helping with upper respiratory tract disease is now accepted. This latest Vital study is about taking Vitamin D3 to prevent autoimmune diseases. Imagine, the consequences of being able to prevent such devastating illnesses – not only in terms of lack of suffering but in the financial costs of dealing with it. Such an exciting leap forward.
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