. Do you tend to make ‘mountains out of molehills? Do you go straight to the worst case scenario or often blow things out of proportion? If you do any of these things – you need to watch this!

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The Catastrophizing trap and how to stop it
00:00 Introduction
00:50 What is catastrophizing?
03:00 If you don’t stop catastrophizing it can…
04:21 Why do we catastrophize
06:10 Catastrophizing thoughts are real
06:29 Snowball thinking
07:07 Understanding catastrophizing
10:50 How to stop catastrophizing
12:00 five steps to stop catastrophizing

The Catastrophizing trap and how to stop it
What is catastrophizing? It is a mind trap – a cognitive distortion. It is snowball thinking, always expecting the worst, worst case scenario thinking. It is making mountains out of molehills. All of these things and in this video we talk about five steps how to stop catastrophizing and catastrophizing anxiety. Catastrophizing erodes emotional wellbeing at best and makes you sick at worst. The catastrophizing habit can kill you – and I am not catastrophizing there. Catastrophizing causes high levels of stress and distress and very often for no reason because when catastrophizing you are thinking of horrible things that have a very low probability of actually happening. So if you want to know how to stop catastrophizing you need to watch this video.
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