HOW DO YOU CHOOSE COLORS? – In interior design there is sooo much choice. It can be overwhelming. There is a simple way to do it

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Living room before
01:45 Too much choice
02:36 Color inspiration
03:52 Earth and sky
06:13 Living room mood board
08:35 Living room tour
18:13 venetian plaster wall.

Sitting room/Living room interior design
In this video I want to invite you into my living room or sitting room. Living room design is important to get right. It is a public room but you also spend much of your time there. It needs to be relaxing for you. Choosing your living room colour can be difficult. I show you my living room before and then give my color inspiration and offer color ideas showing my living room mood board. The second part of the video is the living room tour and you see how it all comes together and you finally get to see my venetian plaster wall. This video is part of the Happy home happy life series. I share my home and how I chose my color palette to give you some living room design ideas.
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