Seizing the opportunity
HOW TO SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY and what is, ‘Tipping the Bucket?’ Grab a coffee and I will tell you the story
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Seizing the opportunity video content
00:00 Introduction
01:16 Tipping the bucket
02:09 The Story
04:04 Serendipity
05:25 Taking the opportunity

Seizing the opportunity
What does tipping the bucket mean? It means just do it. When you have the opportunity to do something but you are weighing up the pro’s ad cons for so long that you miss the opportunity – that’s because you didn’t, ‘tip the bucket’. I talk in this video about taking the opportunity that is presented to you or rather how to take the opportunity. It isn’t always easy but once you do, ‘just do it’ you will be glad you did. Scary but exciting too. Happy stuff and fluff has moved location and we also made a life changing decision. I want to share that journey with you.
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