In this video I offer eight strategies to help you navigate your way through this often stressful time. Are you part of the Sandwich generation? What is your story? I want to know.

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A book I particularly like on the sandwich generation:
***WE ARE THE SANDWICH GENERATION: Keeping everyone happy***
Claire Gillman

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Sandwich generation: Helpful strategies for you video content
00:00 Introduction
00:27 What is the sandwich generation?
03:38 What is the club sandwich generation?
04:35 You are amazing
06:00 What is your sandwich story?
07:05 Strategies to help you
07:25 Sandwich generation strategy no. 1
09:01 Sandwich generation strategy no. 2
09:29 Sandwich generation strategy no. 3
10:03 Sandwich generation strategy no. 4
11:05 Sandwich generation strategy no. 5
12:04 Sandwich generation strategy no. 6
14:49 Sandwich generation strategy no. 7
15:44 Not only caregiving

Sandwich generation: Helpful strategies for you.
Are you part of the sandwich generation? What is the sandwich generation? Who is the sandwich generation? You may not know it but if you are caring for you children and caring for your patents then you are the sandwich generation – or at least you are the filling in the sandwich! And you are probably spreading yourself too thin. There is such a thing as sandwich generation stress which leads caregiver burnout. In this video I offer eight strategies to help navigate through what can sometimes by an overwhelmingly difficult time.
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