HOW TO BE POSITIVE – GENUINELY – set yourself up to have a great day every day – it’s easy to do. Try this once -IT WILL CHANGE YOUR WORLD.
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00:00 Introduction
01:11 My definition of happiness
02:00 Positive psychology works
04.32 Anais Nin wisdom explained
06:30 STEP 1 Your positivity power up
10:08 STEP 2 Self talk in the bedroom
11:12 STEP 3 being outcome oriented
14:00 STEP 4 No news. No news. No news!
14:52 You WILL get happy and live longer

People who are more positive live up to ten years longer
Deborah D. Danner, David A. Snowdon, and Wallace V. Friesen
University of Kentucky

Positively positive -how to have a great day.
We talked about toxic positivity now I want to talk about positive positivity. Positive psychology teaches the importance of positivity but also strategies on how to be positive. In this video I talk about positive self talk and being outcome oriented but I also give 4 steps to help your positivity power up every day. These four steps on how to have a great day are simple concrete things that you can do to have a good day even have a great day – every day.
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