Movie review… kind of is my recommendation for two films and a box set that I have watched recently and thoroughly enjoyed. I love films that capture my imagination and take me out of myself for a while. Even if the film is tense or sad, the fact that they absorb my attention and take it away from my own thoughts and concerns relaxes me. I am not a film critic as you will find out. I often said to my students, words like brilliant, fabulous and amazing mean nothing… I repeatedly use all three of these words in this video and for that I am sorry. I will get better, I promise. I am talking about, Madam Secretary (a box set); the film Hidden Figures, and Dunkirk. If you haven’t seen these films, please watch, or if you have seen them – watch anyway and see if you agree with me. I look forward to seeing your comments and please subscribe if you haven’t already. I, so, appreciate your being here. Thank you.
Hidden Figures is now out on DVD for further info: