DO YOU HAVE AN ADULT SON? This video is about how to navigate the changing relationship between Mothers and their adult sons.

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Sugar Puff and Fluff
Nisha from Sugar Puff and Fluff @SugarPuffAndFluff was one of the inspirations for me to talk about this subject. Nisha mentioned her struggle with the imminent possibility of her own son leaving home and what a difference that may make to their relationship
Watch her video here:

Mothers and adult sons
Sometimes, of course not always, the relationship between mothers and adult sons can be a minefield. You are close to your adult son and then your son is leaving home. Your son is becoming independent from parents – your relationship changes. Mother and married sons also brings changes. Being the mother of an adult son is not easy – even and especially if you are close to your adult son. You have a healthy mother son relationship but very often navigating your changing relationship can be difficult. We stop being parents – and become mentors or coaches maybe. We move from motherhood to ‘otherhood’ and have to adapt and change ourselves in order to enjoy all that our adult sons become.
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