I am pathetic. I am inadequate. I am so stupid. This is labelling and self criticism and it is dangerous. Labelling people is also dangerous and we do it ALL the time. In this video I offer strategies to help you stop labelling and self criticism.

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Labelling and self criticism video content
00:00 Introduction
01:47 self talk
02:02 Examples of labelling
03:45 Labelling people
05:02 Self labelling example
06:31 Why labelling is dangerous
06:41 What is a belief
09:43 How to stop labelling and self criticism

Labelling and self criticism
Labelling is a mind trap. It is a cognitive distortion, distorted thinking and a thinking error. It is the worst form of self criticism and often results and low self esteem and depression. I am pathetic. I am stupid. I am worthless. These are examples of self labelling and if you have a habit of doing this – it is holding you back. Holding you back from living your best life, at best and making your depressed at worst. In this video I offer a simple technique to help you to break this habit of labelling.
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