FIVE WAYS TO STOP RUMINATING THOUGHTS FROM RUINING YOUR LIFE! Ruminating can lead to depression and mental illness. Free yourself from this mental trap with these effective strategies.
Part of the Mind trap series.

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Can’t Stop Thinking: How to Let Go of Anxiety and Free Yourself from Obsessive Rumination Nancy Colier
Rumination: Learn To Overcome Your Destructive Thoughts and Start Thinking Positively – Lana Otoya

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How to stop ruminating video content
00:00 introduction
00:44 What is rumination/what are cognitive distortions?
01:25 Rumination definition
02:10 Difference between ruminating and worrying
02:39 Examples of rumination
04:25 How to catch yourself ruminating
05:18 Ruminating strategy no.1
06:12 Ruminating strategy no,2
06:53 Ruminating strategy no.3
08:12 Ruminating strategy no.4
10:29 Ruminating strategy no. 5

How to stop ruminating
What is rumination. Rumination is a cognitive distortion – a mind trap or a thinking trap that, if you do, you need to free yourself from. If ruminating thoughts become a habit it can lead to mental illness and depression. So much so that ruminating is being called the ‘silent mental disorder’. Constantly chewing the same problem over and over and over again – without reaching a conclusion. Often thinking the exact same thought. In this video I offer 5 ways to stop ruminating thoughts. Use either one or all of them each time you feel yourself slipping into ruminating.
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