PART TWO Toxic positivity: How to respond. What to say to someone who is just too positive. In this video I tell you exactly what to say. How you can help them to help you when you most need it.
This is part 2 of toxic positivity Click below to watch part one.

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The Upside of your darkside: Why being your ‘whole’ self not just your ‘good’ self drives success and fulfillment by Tod B kashdan and Robert Biswas Diener

Toxic positivity: What does it mean

Positive psychology versus traditional psychology

How to respond to toxic positivity
Be positive. Just be positive. If someone says this to you when you are struggling and have asked them for help – how do you respond. In this video we talk about how to respond to toxic positivity. Dealing with toxic positivity is not easy but there are some easy sentences to use that will open up the conversation. You have to tell people what you need. You have to teach people how to treat you.
Once you do this they will lose the pollyanna positive thinking approach and hopefully give you the help you need.
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