We eat far too much and we eat the wrong foods. It is killing us – and setting our kids up for all kinds of nasty diseases! What can we do about it? There are easy ways to eat healthily.

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Advice on how to read food labels from the British Heart Foundation

Do you want to learn to cook from scratch? Head on over to Mary’s Nest for delicious recipes, weight loss tips and inspiration.

‘I’ll show you how to Cook from Scratch using Easy Recipes and Seasonal Ingredients – Live Naturally by making Home Remedies using Herbs and Spices’ (Mary)

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How to eat healthily – in 3 steps
Eat Less. Stop eating processed meals. Cook from Scratch.

In this video we talk about Obesity and being overweight. We have an epidemic of it in the Western world and we need to do something about it. Obesity causes cancer and type 2 diabetes at worst and depression and misery and best. We need to eat less but we also need to eat smart and cut back on foods that encourage weight gain and addiction. Salt, sugar and fats that can be found in processed foods and ready meals. We can make small changes like starting to cook from scratch so that we know exactly what is in our food. Small changes will make huge differences and lead to increasing our health in 2019.
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Interesting research.


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