Seven ideas for you to put into practice that will ensure you have Happy Christmas this year. You deserve it! On this channel we talk about everything that will help you do the things that really, really make you happy; that help you to live longer and grow younger.
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How to celebrate Christmas: A new CONCEPT to enjoy Christmas video content
00:00 Welcome to Christmas at Chrissie’s
00:49 The Conroy CONCEPT of happiness
00:57 Be kind to yourself C
02:18 Decide what YOU want at Christmas O
03:15 Be mindful N
04:00 Contributing to the greater good C
04:40 Work off ALL THAT FOOD E
05:22 Have some fun! P
06:22 Eat goose…for a change T
07:00 Use the CONCEPT to enjoy Christmas – it really will help you.

How to celebrate Christmas: A new CONCEPT
In this video we focus on the things that really matter to help you celebrate Christmas. Christmas is stressful if you allow it to be. So this is a Christmas concept that gives you 7 ways to a happy Christmas. This concept acts a reminder that Christmas is to be enjoyed not endured. The Conroy Christmas concept gives you a framework for your happy holidays.
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