In this video we look at how to use psychology to help you create your happy home – the home of your soul – a home that you can’t wait to get back to – every single day!

***Books mentioned in the video.***
Bobby McAlpine writes in such an eloquent and deeply soulful way about architecture and the images in these books are just dreamy.


This book by Axel Vervoordt introduced me to his work. It has more images than text but is a more truthful representation of wabi sabi.
Axel Vervoordt Wabi inspirations

***One of my favourite videos on the Wabi sabi aesthetic***
Apartment ideas
Remember this is a very contemporary translation of the Wabi sabi style.

Happy by design: Psychology of interior design.
What makes a happy home? Can you design happy? How can you use positive psychology, design psychology and environmental psychology intentionally in home interiors? These are questions we are exploring in this Happy home happy life series. Interior design psychology helps us to understand that a happy home is not just about interior design styles – but they are important. Some of my favourite styles include Wabi sabi style, English country and one of my favourite architectural designers is Bobby McAlpine. But before even thinking about style there are important questions you need to ask to make your home happy by design.
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Industrial design interiors: Everything you need to know. DECOIST.COM

The Spirit of Wabi sabi HOME DESIGNING

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