Estrangement can be devastating. We discuss what to think about before you consider reconciliation and offer help if your attempts to fix your relationship have been ignored.

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00:00 Introduction
01:25 Considering reconciliation
02:27 Helpful exercise
04:47 Reconciliation – what to think about
09:05 Being rejected
09:50 Helpful suggestions
12:40 Forgive for yourself
13:25 Healing words

I cannot even scratch the surface of this subject in a video – having experienced estrangement myself – I do want to acknowledge your pain and offer some comfort and help. For further on this subject please see below and remember you can always seek professional help – it is there for you.

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Freedom from family estrangement
Family conflict happens all the time but estrangement can be distressing and fixing relationships difficult. This video is part two of Estrangement from family. Whether you are estranged parents or estranged children – if you initiated estrangement or are the victim of it – you will be hurting. Reconciliation can also be difficult so in this video we talk about things to thing about before attempting reconciliation and offer some help to those whose attempt at fixing relationships have been ignored. I also offer some healing words to help with acceptance and how to forgive for you.
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