I can just feel it in my bones! Something so bad is going to happen. Have you ever FELT this way. The feeling is so strong that it must be true? If you have – you need to watch this video
This video is part of the ‘MIND TRAP’ series.

If you don’t know what cognitive distortions are you need to watch this video – they could be what are holding you back from living your best life

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Authentic happiness ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN

Emotional Reasoning 3 ways to control it
Do you even know what emotional reasoning is? In this video I give you the emotional reasoning definition and when you read it you will probably think – I do that! Well you are not on your own because I do too. So we talk about what is emotional reasoning and I talk about how to stop emotional reasoning. It is important that you control emotional reasoning. It is heavily linked with panic disorder and depression.
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