Are past, emotional wounds keeping you awake at night? In this video I give you evidenced based healing exercises for dealing with emotional stress, trauma, traumatic stress and delayed emotional response.

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Books recommended in the video

SOLVE FOR HAPPY Mo Gawdat. Mo Gawdat found his mission when dealing with the sudden and unexpected death of his college age son Ali. Solve for happy is an unusual approach to creating and maintaining happiness.

EXPRESSIVE WRITING: WORDS THAT HEAL – James Pennebaker, John Evans – (or any of this authors brilliant work)
A ground breaking book explaining why writing can often be more helpful than talking when dealing with trauma. Research provided and step by step instructions to help you use words to heal.

Emotional healing: Covid anixiety
Any disturbing or stressful event can be said to be traumatic. You may be suffering from post traumatic stress and not even know. Covid anxiety. Covid has been stressful for all of us in one way or another – you may have dealt with your Covid experience well and only now that we are coming through it are you feeling stressful about it. THIS IS NORMAL. Delayed emotional response is a coping mechanism that can serve you well. Watch the video and follow the healing exercises to heal your covid anxiety and bring yourself back to emotional balance.
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