Did you watch Queen Elizabeth’s funeral? I did and it brought back memories of my own loss. I lost my daughter to cancer three years ago and I am still struggling. But I have found ways to make the hurt somewhat easier. I share them in this video.

If you are grieving or know someone who is – watch this video next – it might just help.
The good grief CONCEPT

‘It’s OK That You’re Not OK’: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn’t Understand.
Megan Devine and Mark Nepo
‘Grieving Mindfully’: A Compassionate and Spiritual Guide to Coping with Loss
‘Grief Works:’ Stories of Life, Death, and Surviving. Julia Samuel

***Warning*** I wouldn’t listen to this if you are currently in the acute stage of grief. It is sad.
Pink – Beam me up (official lyric video)

Dealing with grief: how to cope long term video content
00:00 Introduction
00:00 Queen Elizabeth’s funeral
02:14 My own grieving
02:00 Grief
03:29 symbolism
04: My rituals and traditions
10:15 Creating meaning

Dealing with grief: Coping strategies for the long term
Dealing with grief is something we all have to do at some point. Sometimes more than once. In this video I want to talk about grief down the line – not when a recent loss has occurred but how to manage your feeling one year, two years and for me three years later. I don’t believe we overcome grief – I believe we manage grief and we all find our own way of doing that. I talk about the funeral of Queen Elizabeth only inasmuch as it resonated and became personal to me and those I have spoken since. Ritual and tradition played a big part in the Queen’s funeral and they are also a way to help you deal with your own loss.
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