Covid anxiety
We will all get Covid 19. Latest news about Covid sounds worrying but don’t worry – we can deal with
It. In this video I talk about how you can help yourself.

Listed below the research mentioned in the video
***Underlying Medical Conditions and Severe Illness among 540,667 Adults Hospitalized With COVID-19, March 2020-2021
***Delta Variant Renders Herd Immunity From Covid ‘mythical’
(Orignal research for the Guardian article – )

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with higher hospitalisation risk from COVID-19: a retrospective case-control study

New Analysis of Health Conditions & High Risk for C*19: Anxiety, Obesity + More
High intensity health
(Also goes into the CDC article mentioned above)

Covid anxiety
Many people are suffering from Covid anxiety. They are worried about the Coronavirus pandemic in general, about Covid vaccine efficacy and about how we are going to deal with Covid ongoing. These are all valid concerns. Doing your own Coronavirus research is key. Dealing with covid anxiety comes down to being selective about who you listen to and abouot taking responsibility for your own health. There are things you can do to lower your risk of serious illness.
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