Do you know a woman who is extra-ordinary, ordinary! A woman who quietly ‘gets on with things’ despite facing adversity of some kind? If you are a Happy stuff and fluff subscriber tell us about your extra ordinary ordinary woman if we can we will mention her in a video and give her some small recognition for her extraordinaryness!

Please come over to the community tab by clicking below and introduce yourself. Tell us where you are from and what you do or like to do.

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Authentic happiness ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN

Celebrating women
This month we are celebrating women’s history month and international women’s day. We celebrate women who have achieved greatness – and there are many. I want to introduce to you my woman of greatness. My extraordinary, ordinary woman. I also want to celebrate you – all of you who in the face of all kinds of adversity just ‘get on with things’. I salute you the ordinary, extraordinary women out there. I celebrate you.
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