Burnout prevention: How to prevent work-related stress

Burnout prevention is vital because work related stress can kill! What is burnout? What are the symptoms? What causes it? I answer those questions and offer effective strategies to prevent and beat burnout in the workplace.

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Preventing burnout: How to prevent work-related stress video content
00:00 Introduction
01:38 What is burnout
03:15 Causes of burnout
04:28 Dangers of workplace burnout
06:18 Strategies preventing burnout
16:27 More tips for burnout

Preventing burnout: How to prevent work-related stress
Work related stress can be a killer. The term burnout is relatively new but the world health organization now recognizes it as a problem. What is burnout?
It is workplace stress and is very similar to depression. The difference is that burnout causes are all connected to your job. I give some burnout strategies in this video to help you beat burnout. However, it is much better to consider burnout prevention in the first place. Burnout symptoms include fatigue, lack of interest in the job, sometimes lethargy or irritability. the symptoms of burnout are different for everyone. If you feel you might have job related stress you need to do something about it right now. I offer burnout strategies to help you .
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