This all or nothing mind trap could be why your relationships are not going the way you want them to. In this video we talk about how to change your thinking.

If you don’t know what cognitive distortions are you need to watch this video – they could be what are holding you back from living your best life


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00:00 Introduction
01:11 Black and white thinking
03:12 Black and white thinking language
04:31 Some dangers of black and white thinking
05:36 Why do we use black and white thinking
06:48 How to change black and white thinking
07:33 Some questions to ask yourself
09:22 Shades of grey language

Black and white thinking: The all or nothing mind trap
Black and white thinking is sometimes called, ‘All or nothing’ thinking; polarized thinking, or dichotomous thinking. Whatever you call it – it is a mind trap, a cognitive distortion – a thinking error that could be ruining your relationships. In this video I give some black and white thinking examples and show you ways to change your way of thinking.
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