Biophilic design (how to apply biophilia in your home)
Reduce stress, lower heart rate, increase creativity, enhance mood, improve overall health – these are just some of the benefits of Biophilia – you need it in your home. In this video I show simple ways.

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A great book if you want to know more:
Biophilia: A handbook for bringing the natural world into your life by Sally Coulthard

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Biophilic design video content
00:00 Introduction
00:40 What is biophilia
01:35 What are the benefits of biophilic design
02:00 Who invented biophilia
03:51 EXCITING developments on the channe
05:40 Biophilic design examples
06:42 Biophilic design elements no. 1
07:08 Biophilic design elements no. 2
08:47 Biophilic design elements no. 3
10:18 Biophilic design elements no. 4
11:33 Alternative ways to display nature
12:59 Biophilic design elements no. 5
13:48 Biomimicry

Biophilic design is not an interior design trend. It is a way to use nature in your home to create and enhance your mood and health. It is designing with nature but itt is not all about plants. There is more to it. In this video I answer the question – what is biophilia? And what is biophilic design? I offer some biophilic design ideas and biophilia examples – things I use in my own home.
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