If you are a woman who wants to be GETTING HAPPY, LIVING LONGER AND GROWING YOUNGER – you need to watch this.

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Authentic happiness video content
00:00 Introduction
01:02 Getting happy, living longer, growing younger
01:32 What is positive psychology
02:28 Can you get happier
02:47 Why get happy
03:54 Question for you
04:38 Happiness is not selfish
05:52 Help me help you
06:04 How to comment
06:54 Growing younger
07:09 Happy home

Authentic happiness is a term coined in the book by Martin Seligman the Father of Positive psychology. In the video I am using the term simply to mean genuine happiness, true happiness that is so important to your/our wellbeing. What is positive psychology? Positive psychology also known as the Science of happiness or subjective wellbeing. We know more than ever before about what makes us happy and what does not. In this happy motivation video I talk about why authentic happiness is important and why you need to be happy. Just a hint – happy people live longer!
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