DO YOU WORRY ABOUT THINGS YOU CANNOT CONTROL? ARE YOU ANXIOUS ABOUT THE FUTURE? If you answer yes to any of these questions – this video is for you!

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If you want to dig deeper into overcoming anticipatory anxiety this book is an excellent read:
***Overcoming anticipatory anxiety by Sally M. Winston PsyD, Martin N. Seif PhD, et al. (experts in the field of anxiety)

Anticipatory Anxiety: Techniques to stop worrying about the future
Do you find yourself constantly worrying about the future? Do you find it difficult to relax and let go? If so, you may be suffering from anticipatory anxiety. In this video, we’ll discuss the symptoms of anticipatory anxiety, and how to start overcoming it.

Anticipatory anxiety is a common problem that can seriously impact your life. If you’re struggling with anticipatory anxiety, this video is for you. I offer easy but effective techniques to stop worrying about the future. After watching this video, you’ll have the knowledge you need to start managing your anxiety and prevent future worry episodes!
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