Stitch Your Own Silver Linings

A breakthrough guide to helping yourself to happiness – no matter what

Read this remarkable book and you will:


Be moved, inspired and motivated by the poignant stories of the Conroy women.


Create your exact recipe for resilience and happiness using the seven step Conroy Concept process


Learn how to forgive and how to develop self- esteem and confidence.


Discover your character strengths and how to apply them in your personal and working life


Be wrapped in the warmth and genuineness of Christine L Conroy whose mission it is to help you to be happy and stay that way.

Happiness brings success. Stitch your own Silver Linings brings the happiness

No matter what happens to you in life.

I believe that you can be happy and allow that happiness to lead you to your own version of successful living.

I have never had cancer, but I know some people who have.  My mother, sister and daughter – The Conroy Women.  It was experiencing their individual and heroic struggles with mortality that was the inspiration for ‘Stitch Your own Silver Linings.’  I weave their unique stories through the book.  The women are strong, courageous and funny and I just know you are going to love them.

The book contains everything we learned between us, about how to manage the uncertainty and devastation caused by cancer attacking our family.  I also explain how, through that experience, I found a profound peace and happiness stronger than I have ever known.

My mission with the book is to help you to achieve that level of unshakeable happiness, without having to experience the devastation first! 

Introduced in the book is The Conroy Concept of Happiness and Wellbeing, a guide that will lead you to a deep, true, long lasting happiness.

Happiness brings success and not the other way around and I present the evidence to support that. There is a wonderful bonus. By practising The Conroy Concept you will also build the resilience you need to break through any of life’s inevitable setbacks, even tragedies, quicker and more effectively.

That is not an empty promise – I have been through the process, I know.

Get the book today and download the accompanying free ‘Help Yourself to

Happiness’ Transformational workbook.  Then, take control and take action.

Start living the life you really, really, want to live… because life truly is too short to live it any other way.


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