Stitch Your Own Silver Linings: A breakthrough guide to helping yourself to happiness – no matter what




Have you ever had the experience where one minute life is wonderful, and you are on top of the world, and the next minute that world shatters beneath your feet? Christine L Conroy knows just how that feels. Her world was shattered when her mother, sister and seven year old daughter were each diagnosed with cancer. Remarkably, it was due to that life-changing experience, which she calls ‘The Twilight Zone’, that she found her true purpose in life. She also found true, long lasting happiness. In a warm, sincere and thoroughly engaging way, Stitch Your Own Silver Linings shows how you can do that for yourself. In the pages of this book, you will hear the inspirational story of the Conroy women and understand why Christine is so passionate about your happiness.

If you want a unique insight into how to remain resilient and keep moving through major life-crises then this is the book for you… Christine’s own personal, and sometimes harrowing, experience, coupled with her knowledge of positive psychology, make for a fascinating read. Highly recommended.

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