Targeting an aging neck – results so far.
Is the Nuface working on my neck? Is the NEC working AND is my hair still shining?


Nuface Trinity: Nec cream review (my over 50 skincare)
Neck wrinkles affect us all. Fortunately, there are things out there to help at all price points. Neck cream is often derided as being surplus to requirement – you can just use your the products in your normal skincare routine. That has probably been the case so far. Science is improving all the time and creams are being better formulated for specific areas. I tried a neck cream for tightening skin reducing wrinkles. It is the Niod neck elasticity catalyst. I am also using a microcurent device that seems to be helping. The Nuface trinity is said to be the best microcurrent device and so that is the one I have been using. I will report again with further use. .
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