Mental health awareness
How to increase your own mental health awareness and build mental wealth. Relationships are a part of that and as it is soon to be Mother’s day in the US I talk a little about that too.

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Mental health awareness: Strategies for mental health
May is mental health awareness month. This is where we raise awareness of those who are struggling in some way with mental illness. I include a grim statistic about depression which is shocking but also underestimated considering those who suffer from smiling depression.
You might not have mental health issues, you may enjoy mental health, but do you have mental wealth? Just because you are not ill doesn’t mean you are well. In this video I talk about how to build your own mental wealth (I do explain mental wealth and mental wealthness.) Mental wellness is key for a flourishing and happy life.
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Mental health awareness: Strategies for mental health video content
00:00 Introduction
00:45 Mental health awareness month
01:15 Depression
01:34 Smiling depression
04:38 Mental wealth
07:02 Positive psychology
07:32 Mental wealth definition
09:44 Build your own mental wealth
12:56 Mother’s day