Have a great week. Use your mind and the power of nature to help you have a great week! A fun interactive video to help you have a great week. Sometimes we just need to hear the right words at the right time.

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Authentic happiness ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN

Have a great week video content
00:00: Introduction
00:22 Thank you
01.29 What do you need
01:58 Pick a card
02:26 Choosing affirmations
03:51 Using the power of nature
05:04 Your affirmation and quotations

Have a great week
In this video I want to harness the power of nature and your mind to help you choose the perfect affirmation to help guide you through your week. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of things that we know but have just forgotten. Having a great week doesn’t always happen by chance Sometimes you have to be intentional. Using affirmations can help you to have a good week.
The late Dr Wayne Dyer has long been my mentor and sometimes Wayne dyer quotations are just the right words at the right time. I hope they are for you.
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