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The benefits of trying something new video content
00:00 Introduction
00:36 The T in the Conroy CONCEPT of happiness
01:14 Ray Kroc quote
01:44 What does it mean to be Green
02:56 How to try something new
04:32 Learn something new
05:55 Benefits of trying something new
06:46 Preventing cognitive decline
07:58 John Wooden quote

Benefits of trying something new
The benefits of trying new things are many and amazing and you don’t have to try big things. Trying something new is an easy way to keep your brain healthy – it creates new neural pathways in your brain and the more you practice, the stronger those neurons become. You just grew your brain. Trying something new is fun, it increases positive emotion and your capabilities. Learn something new. You can do this just by reading a magazine that you haven’t read before. Magazines give you bitesize chunks of learning which means you can learn something new everyday. There are many reasons to learn something new but probably the biggest is that it can help to stave of cognitive decline. #benefitsoftryingsomethingnew #tryingsomethingnew #happystuffandfluff