Old wives (grandpa’s) Tale?

My grandfather died when I was about seven years old.  I remember meeting him only three times. He had huge black bushy eyebrows and always had a pipe in his mouth whether it was lit or not.  I loved that tobacco smell. On one occasion we went to visit he was in a lot of pain caused by the calliper he wore on his leg.  My mum helped him to remove the calliper and discovered that the steel had distorted and was cutting  into his skin causing dreadful wounds.  I couldn’t look. ‘You need to see the doctor with this’ mum told him.  I have never forgotten what he said,

The earth always provides Bet. (Betty) get the honey jar out of the cupboard‘.  Mum cleaned the wounds and applied the honey. ‘It works every time‘ he said.


Honey has been used to heal wounds for thousands of years.

Previous lack of understanding of how honey actually works to promote healing is what has limited its acceptance by mainstream medicine.  It has always been considered ‘alternative’ or ‘complementary’  UNTIL NOW.

The growing crisis of antibiotic resistance has massively increased interest in the healing properties of honey and more and more studies are being done.. In 2018 NICE (national institute for health and care excellence gave new guidelines to use honey as a first line treatment for acute coughs because…evidence shows that taking honey is effective at reducing the symptoms of acute coughs caused by upper respiratory tract infections. 


Yes, you have guessed it.  Corona virus is an upper respiratory tract infection AND  clinical trials are under way looking at the efficacy of honey in treating patients with corona virus.  This is amazing and once again an example of how modern science is catching up with ancient wisdom.

All honey has some healing properties. It contains hydrogen peroxide which is a known bacterial killer


Manuka honey is unique because in addition to containing hydrogen peroxide  it also includes these active compounds.




These  super  potent  active ingredients are what makes Manuka honey supercharged in terms of being anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral.

What is Manuka honey?

Manuka is a type of honey native to New Zealand. It is produced by bees who pollinate the flower only from the Manuka bush. Adding to the above compounds it is power packed with nutrients and  is very possibly the ultimate super food.

Some Benefits of Manuka honey

HELPS WITH SORE THROATS – gargle with it


TOOTH DECAY AND GINGIVITUS    (simple sugar as opposed to refined sugar)  If you have toothache you can rub this on your tooth and surrounding gum – it will ease your pain – (voice of experience here)

GUT HEALTH  prebiotic – important for balancing good bacteria in the stomach.

NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTER  (nutrient packed)


You need Manuka honey 

Whether the results of clinical trials with reference to helping Coronavirus patients  are positive or not YOU NEED MANUKA  HONEY  in your diet.

Just one teaspoon a day taken in warm water with the addition of lemon juice if you prefer,  add it to yoghurt or pour over your usual healthy breakfast.  Spread a teaspoon on a slice of wholemeal toast.




I am sure you can think of others ways.  Leave some ideas for us  in the comments box below.   Then watch the latest Happy stuff and fluff video,      – The NEW buzz about Manuka honey