Male or female. Young or old (er). You need to give birth this year.

I will tell you why.  But first:-

A Story

It was New Year’s Eve 1989. I was in hospital about to give birth to my youngest child.   The pregnancy had not been easy. Not least, because I had two children ages 5 and 2 to take care of and , I was enormous.  This baby was big.  I literally could not move for the final month.

So here I was – on New year’s eve, more than happy to finally be giving birth.   Or so I thought.  When I tell you that my son’s birth weight was 10lb 7oz – you will understand that the labour was…long…and hard.  I mean, long. And hard.

J.C. arrives

But, eventually, there he was, Joshua Charles. A gorgeous baby boy, filling his skin beautifully and with the most hypnotizing blue eyes.  Of course,  I fell in love and the whole birthing process was instantly forgotten.






There is more to this story that you can watch on the video click below.

So, I was ‘Just thinkin’ 

Obviously, since that day we celebrate New year’s Eve but we also celebrate my son’s birthday –  and my thoughts invariably go to giving birth.

Why am I telling you this?

I am telling you this because every meaningful and creative project I have undertaken since then, I have likened to the exact same process of giving birth.

For example, gaining a first- class honours degree –  becoming a university lecturer, writing my first book,  launching the Happy stuff and Fluff You-tube channel.  The process of creating all of these things was just the same as the process of giving birth. Here’s why:

The Process

Something grows inside of you –

You are not quite sure what it is, but it soon becomes clear.

Development is often slow and uncomfortable possibly even painful.

The path is uncertain.

You plan and prepare for the outcome, all the time anxious that things may not go according to plan.

Nevertheless, you have a date for completion.

Then, often after a final heave of effort – THERE IT IS. Your project complete.

It was worth all of your mighty effort.


The thing is, it is these projects – the ones that take all of your mighty effort – that turn out to be the most meaningful to you. They may change your life completely but in a purposeful, richer and positive way.


Instead, of making a New Year’s resolution this year – one where you vow to STOP doing something. Instead, START something that might just change your life.  Think about something you have always wanted to do –  think big – write a book, change career, travel afar, learn a new language, whatever big means for you.  Ask yourself


We know in positive psychology that true happiness includes living a life with purpose and meaning – giving birth to a special project will give you that –  so you can be certain that THIS YEAR will, indeed, be your happiest yet.





I dare you to write your answer in the comments box below.  Writing it down,  especially for others to see, is a sure fire way to set you on the path to achievement!  Can’t wait to hear.

Happy new year!

Warmly,    Christine